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Happy In Smithtown

July 2022

Denise and her crew were amazing. They came in and meticulously cleaned and prepared my in laws home for thier estate sale. They were polite, respectful and honest. I am so glad we found them.There is no way we could have done the work they accomplished in so little time or at all. Denise was always ready to answer questions and go the extra mile for us. I highly recommend Sisters in Charge. Thank you for help.

Review by: Shannon Juan

Happy In Uniondale

June 2022

Professional, hard working and kind. Denise and her team, addressed 50+ years of whole house clutter. They treated me with respect and helped my family during a difficult time. This is the estate sale company you are looking for.

Happy In Islip Terrace

June 2022


I would like it to be known that everything Denise said would happen happened. Sisters in Charge was prompt on Wednesday to set up my home for the big sale. Every item was laid out and set up in a professional manner. The staff could not be any friendlier and they keep a close eye on my home during the sale. I will be honest, I did try and sell some items by myself but only got scam artist. Once sisters in charge took control. We sold out on ALL of the furniture and a lot of the smaller items. In the first 4 hours could not believe how much was sold. I was set for 2 days and ended up doing it all in 7 hours. I would recommend Sisters in Charge for anyone who wants to sell the contents of a home.

Thank You to Denise and her crew for a job well done.

Kevin Matheson - Islip Terrace

Happy In Garden City

June 2022

Dear Sisters in Charge, LLC, - Our broker Alexandra Parisi recommended Sisters in Charge to manage our tag sale held June 17 and 18. Kathy and Vanessa answered our questions and communicated effectively with my wife Dianne Kopff with many questions we had prior to the tag sale.

On June 15, Denise LoSquadro and her team of four experienced colleagues masterfully arranged and effectively displayed a huge volume of garments, furniture, books, magazines, comic books, autographed baseballs, baseball cards, jewelry, golf clubs and prints. I was tremendously impressed by the skill of this team supervised by Denise LoSquado. The layout of our items by your staff showed experience, intelligence and imagination.

On June 17 and 18, I was impressed each day by their skill and effectiveness. Furthermore, the entire team was polite, attentive and pleasant. Each team member appeared to have confidence in the execution of their duties. Each seemed to enjoy fulfilling the many challenges of their job.

Thank you for the masterful job performed by your staff. Denise LoSquadro reminded me of a talented film director who was in charge with every issue that arose..

Sincerely, Peter C. Kopff / Dianne M. Kopff

Happy In Mt. Sinai

April 2022

Dear Denise, Thank you so much for handling the tag sale at our Mount Sinai home. Downsizing and moving after 24 years seemed like a daunting task until I found you. You confidently put my mind at ease and your expert well honed team jumped into action. From setup to sale day to clean up you were all amazing. Not only are you experts in your field but you were also the kindest group of people to work with. You truly understood the emotional side of the whole process and made everything better. We are grateful that you were recommended to us and I recommend you absolutely to anyone selling whether it be due to downsizing or an estate sale.

Kind regards and many thanks, Liz DeLio

Happy In Hauppauge

May 2020

The thought of selling all our items and cleaning out our house, seemed overwhelming at a time that was already emotional and difficult. From the moment I spoke with Denise at Sisters in Charge , I felt like I was being helped by a friend. She was kind and caring from beginning to end ! She made the process easy and worry free. The entire team was professional and helpful. We would highly recommend Sisters in Charge ! A big thank you to Denise and the entire staff!

Janet & Peter

Happy In Melville

March 2022

Sisters in Charge, came in and set up the Estate Sale and Sold items in March 2022. They are totally Professional in all they do. Denise and her staff did an excellent JOB! Don't wait, contact them to sell your items, they took the weight off our shoulders and did GREAT. They are the BEST of the BEST.

Sincerely, Barbara Melville, NY

Happy In Great Neck

November 2021

Denise and her dedicated experienced crew did a terrific job for us as we liquidated the contents of our parent's home. Arranging, pricing and selling items from what was really two generations was an awesome task given the house and attic full of stuff we had to get rid of. Denise had the contact list to get knowledgeable and serious buyers to appear and realize significant value for us. I would certainly use Sister's in Charge again.

Happy In Coram

November 2021

Happy In Jericho

October 2021

We had a great experience with Sisters In Charge! Every contact was smooth and professional, from the first phone call, to the site visit, to the photo days and the pickup day. You managed our expectations and delivered everything you promised.

Thank you! ~Andrea K.

Happy In Jericho

October 2021

To Relocators and Sisters in Charge, I would like to thank you for all the assistance given by everyone I had the pleasure of meeting. From day one when I was interested in a clean out, to setting up an online auction, to the final broom cleaned ready for a walk through. Every step was handled professionally with caring and attention to detail. Which made the whole experience from beginning to end seamless and stress free. Thank you and everyone on your staff.

Sincerely, Kevin Stahl

Happy In Plainview

August 2021

Thank you so much for helping us with our recent move from Plainview to Florida and running our tag sale. Can’t say enough about how professional you are and how easy you made it for us . I highly recommend your services to anyone in need of help with a tag sale etc.

Happy In Plainview

August 2021

Just had Sisters-in-Charge set up our tag sale....AMAZING!! Denise runs a tight ship, but ever respectful of her staff and that woman knows how to utilize spaces...even spaces not even there!

I actually had some fun with you, Denise...a ray of light through this dark chapter for me. You're tough cookie....the kind of cookie I really like...crispy! But you are most certainly quite wise in the ways of organizing your clients' chaos!! Brava to you...lucky all of us.

I shall go to your fb page soon. sending you a very organized hug, Denise.

Abby & Stuart Burton

PS I think you and I could've had a real hoot of a friendship outside this business !

Happy In Seaford

August 2021

This past Sunday, 8/15/21, we had a tag sale at our home in Seaford. Let me first start off by saying that I am usually the customer at these things, rather than the homeowner hiring the company, but with our house sold, and an overwhelming moving out process in front of me, it was time to be on the other end.

Now, again, I have been going to tag/estate sales here on Long Island for the last 8 years. So much so, that going and selling online took over my life, and I quit my job of 35 years to concentrate on that.

When I started back then, there was way less tag sale companies than today. Maybe 10-12 regulars, that had sales every week, and every week I'd be out there wheeling and dealing with them all. These people got to know me, and I have most of them in my contacts on my phone. I consider some of these people friends.

So now I need to pick who to run my sale. I know and like most of the group I spoke of, but when push came to shove, I chose Denise and Sisters In Charge. Is it because Denise was kind enough to take in my wife's kid at an early age and give him a job some years ago. A little. Is it because Denise has called me to tell me to “get my ass down here, there's something you need to buy.” A little. Mostly though, I was afforded the luxury to see her and her staff in action a 100 times, and knew that they were the team for my job.

I was not disappointed. I called her and told her that I pulled most of my items from the nooks and crannies of my home, and should make set up a breeze. I was not even close. On set up day, they came in, grabbed my house, and transformed it into a store. They did all the work, took the pics, priced the items, advertised the sale, and got ready for sale day. This operation went off like a well oiled machine.

Come sale day, they got here early, set up for a busy day, some last minute preparation, and they were ready to go. At that point I left her to do her thing. Again, I've seen her do her thing 100 times, and knew the onslaught of people she would be dealing with during the day.

I came back at closing time, we finished the paperwork, they packed up all their gear, and her and the team were on their way. My house was much lighter of items, making getting out way easier now.

So, this is just a long winded thank you to Denise and all the staff at Sisters In Charge, not only for the tireless help in this sale, but for years of doing business together, all the interactions we've had, so many sales, so many memories. Thank you for always making me feel like one of the special customers, when in reality, I'm just one of so many.

Can't thank you guys enough. I'll miss you.


Richard Tart | Satisfied Homeowner | Long Time Customer | Friend

Happy In Freeport

July 2021

Dear Denise and crew,I want to thank you for all your hard work on the estate sale of my brother’s home in Freeport. You were all very caring and professional at a most difficult time. I highly recommend Sisters in Charge.


Happy In Great Neck

May 2021

I want to give a wholehearted recommendation to Sisters in Charge. They helped me do an Estate Sale of my Mother’s Estate. Not only were they professional and punctual at all times, they assisted me with the highly emotional job of sorting through my Mother’s belongings. As a consequence, not only did we make money but Sisters in Charge also greatly assisted me in preparing the house for sale. I cannot thank them enough! Thank you Sisters In Charge.

Victoria Quesada

Happy In Brightwaters

April, 2021

Denise & her staff, Joy, Lena, Eddie & Brian are the most friendly & knowledgeable professionals in the ESTATE & AUCTION SALE field. I interviewed over many companies upon selecting SISTERS IN CHARGE & am so happy I chose to work with them. From the set up, merchandising, pricing, product knowledge and customer service they gave above and beyond what I could have expected. My sale was a super success & with their care & concern they made it run seamlessly. I recommend SISTERS IN CHARGE if you are looking for real pros. They will not disappoint.

Happy in Blue Point

March, 2021

I just want to thank you for the wonderful job you and your staff did. When you first came to see us we weren’t sure how you would react to all the stuff my mother and stepfather had collected in the last 40 years. You were not fazed in the least . We felt you really understood how heartbroken we were by the sudden loss of my mother and stepfather due to COVID and treated their possessions with care and respect. Everyone was so nice and very professional. The video and Newsday article were really well done . My mother would have loved seeing her treasures in the paper.

Happy In Stony Brook

March 2021

I wanted to express my thanks and gratitude for making an overwhelming task easy! You all were professional and got the job done. My parents lived in their home for nearly 60 years, I left the area 25 years ago. Coming home was overwhelming, so much stuff, what to do with it all. Denise from the start you were able to access the situation put a plan together and make it all happen, thank you.

Happy in Southampton

December 2020

Happy In Remsenberg

I just wanted you to know,Although I'm extremely excited to move, it's easier to let go when you are surrounded by kindness and generosity. Having you ALL here was not only an opportunity to cash in, but a great comfort that was priceless.I cant thank you enough.

November 2020

Happy In Woodbury

Sisters in Charge market and run tag sales like no others. Denise and her very professional crew set our house up as if it were a high-end boutique yet priced our merchandise at realistic numbers to maximize sales. Most important are the results – almost everything was sold.

There is no need to shop around. Call Sisters in Charge and let them do their thing - you won’t be disappointed!

Jodi Levine

October 2020

Happy in Syosset

We just had Sister-in-Charge do a tag sale. They were VERY good to work with. Very professional, knowledgeable and most importantly honest in their assessment and dealings. They were able to create a great turnout for the sale. I would highly recommend them!

Steve Staroff

August 2020

Happy In Babylon

Bless you Denise, for lifting the guilt of carrying the 'family heritage' and setting me free. I never could have downsized my Babylon stained glass etc. Thanks to you and your crew.

Laurie Lincoln

December 2019

Happy in Bay Shore

THANK YOU! From the first meeting to the final day of the sale Estate Sale, the entire process of cleaning out my mom's home was easy and efficient thank to the professionalism of the entire Sisters in Charge team. The team was well-coordinated, and was always in contact with us throughout the process. They advertised the sale well, and notified specific contacts for our particular items. They set up the home to resemble retail space which showcased the items for sale, and made it inviting to the buyers. Signage throughout the house was clear, and safety measures (general safety and Covid 19 concerns) were noticeably in place. The sale was very well staffed on both days, and each team member was consistently friendly and knowledgeable. They were always on time, and set up and closing was done efficiently. What could have been a very daunting and emotional task for my family was made easier for us by the personal attention and care given to us by the Sisters in Charge team. On behalf of my family, our sincerest thank you for a job very well done.


Gale Merlis Tauberer, Michael Merlis and Laurence Merlis

July, 2020

Happy In Levittown

I want to Thank you all for all your help in the Estate Sale on July 16th 2020. All of the members of your team were beyond courteous and friendly and did a wonderful job. I will also be contacting you for other services that will be needed and will recommend you without any hesitation to my friends and family in the near future. My sister and I could not have done this on our own. There are not enough words to say how grateful we are. I am so happy that I got to meet each of you. Thank you and we will be in touch.

Debra Guiliano

July, 2020

Happy in Babylon

June 2020

Happy In Westbury, To the Entire Sisters-in-Charge Team;

I wanted to thank you and your entire team for all of your efforts helping my wife and I witha clean-out and Estate Sale. The personal attention and professionalism you have all providedwas outstanding. I had not been involved with an Estate clean-out or an Estate sale before andSisters-in-Charge (SIC) made the entire process easy. SIC was constantly in contact with me throughoutthe process prior to and during the estate sale. This is truly a one stop shop business that can provide manydifferent services. The number of people who turned out for the estate sale was beyond my expectations asthe neighbors commented on how many people showed up. This just shows the tremendous advertising power,name recognition and trust of SIC. They really drew a crowd even during the pandemic. Denise was always fairand looked out for us to make sure items sold for a fair price. Very happy with the result and would highlyrecommend SIC.

Steve and Diane

June, 2020

Dear Denise,

In the process of getting ready to sell our home so that we could downsize our realtor provided a list of “Tag sale vendors”. I interviewed several companies and individuals, yourself included and the rest is history . Your office staff is polite, very professional and extremely efficient! They guided me through the entire process and followed up with me often despite many delays that were caused by the world wide pandemic. I am truly astonished at the amount of advertising , networking and coordination that took place in order to have a successful sale. It was a relief to step away and turn the sale over to your capable and caring hands. I know that you had my best interest in mind and provided me with information and ideas that would also increase the likelihood that I would sell my house sooner than later. I am so grateful for the additional help which you offered to take the furniture which was not sold in the tag sale and place it in an online auction. You have established a large customer base which provides me with a second opportunity to relieve myself of the burden of possessions which I no longer need and cannot take with me to my smaller home. In the process of working with you I can truly say that you are not only an exceptional self- made woman but you are fair, kind and an altogether lovely person. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs to sell the contents of their home as I am confident that they will be both satisfied and well taken care. Thank you for everything and may God bless you with continued health and success.

Mary Ellen Romano, LMHC, CEAP, MAC

June, 2020

Hello Denise,

I've been attending your sales for about a year and it's made such a difference in my house. I've found really unique items that have added interest to each of my rooms, especially the kitchen. My serving tray collection adds to the festive look when we entertain.

The last three sales have been AMAZING and allowed me to completely re-do my living room. I had to send you a photo because it looks incredible!

You're able to walk that difficult line of getting the most for the homeowner, but still having a customer walking away knowing they got good value. Because of that, I'll continue to attend your sales and when it's time for me to downsize, you can clear my house.

Take care, Kathleen

Happy in Dix Hills

Sisters in Charge team were professionals, friendly and overwhelmingly helpful in the preparation, sale process and clean up. Even the people showing up for the tag sale knew the staff and spoke highly of everyone at Sisters in Charge. We recommend Sisters in charge without hesitation.Very happy with the results.

February 2020


Thank you thank you thank you! Denise and all the rest of her staff did the most amazing job! I cannot recommend them more highly! They went above and beyond in a two day Tag Sale of my fathers house. In addition we have arranged for a total clean out so that the house is ready for closing. If you are considering a Tag Sale, Denise makes a difficult situation tolerable! I am so grateful, thank you thank you thank you!

January 2020

Happy In Mill Neck

Denise and her team made our estate sale and clean out easy and painless. They overextended themselves to accommodate our aggressive schedule despite a short timeline and holiday weekend. They took care to acknowledge the emotions associated with this process and worked tirelessly to ensure fairness and profitability. They are an efficient and knowledgeable team and professional from beginning to end. Would recommend her and this company without hesitation!

November 2019

Happy In Great Neck

Dear Denise and Company -I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for the wonderful job you recently did at our tag sale in Great Neck, New York. I am so pleased that I selected you as the estate sales team to handle our affairs. I had complete confidence in your abilities from the moment we first met. Organization and reliability are definitely your strong points! Your years of experience were quite obvious, and both days ran extremely smoothly. The professionalism and kindness of your team is to be commended. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others, or to personally use you again if the need arises.Many thanks...Diane Barone US

October 2019


Sisters in charge was recognized by Google for being a Veteran Led Business. Helping us celebrate 18 years on the web! We’d like to pay it forward by recognizing @us_relocators for all the years of helping each other grow. #Growwithgoogle #challengecoinUS/p>

October 2019

Happy in Bay Shore

Thanks to Sister-in-Charge, Denise and her team for a great estate sale in September. Denise was very professional and made the process easier. Her crew worked very hard from set-up to completion.And it didn’t stop there. I was given referrals to help with any items that were still to be cleared out after the sale. It was a pleasure working with them and I would recommend them.Thank you, Valerie Baranello

September 2019

Happy in Copiague

In August I had wonderful estate sale with Sisters-In-Charge. My brother and I met with Denise soon after our mom's passing. We are a closely knit family, and even though it was the very end of a workday Denise sat with us, listening, consoling, not rushing us to make a decision. We knew then we were making the right choice going with "Sisters". She is the best. Honest, strong-willed, fair, patient, and the best businesswoman I have come across. There was so much stuff, but at the end of the set up day the amazing crew had the place looking like a department store, neat, everything categorized beautifully, they worked tirelessly the entire day. I happened to come home before the end of the sale at that time where people try to bargain with everything they pick up, and even though Denise was dealing with her own personal loss, she held her ground, doing what was best for us, making split decisions, countering, asking if I approved, it was actually fun and interesting to watch. When I found what a big crowd there had been I felt secure when I walked in and saw Joe in his spot right by the door. Thank you to Denise and crew.

August 2019

Happy in Glen Cove

Dear Denis and Kathy and allFrom Julie and Barry Greene ,A reference for future customers:We wish to thank all of the team at Sisters In Charge, Denise LoSquadro and her staff, for their wonderful work handling an Estate Sale this August. Our family member passed away and the prospect of moving ahead with emptying her house was overwhelming. Sisters In Charge handled the Estate Sale from start to finish, staging the contents of the house beautifully. Handing the sale over to professionals was the right decision for us and worth every penny. We also followed up with a complete house clean-out, handled perfectly. Thank you, good people, for doing a great job. We are so grateful.US/p>

August 2019

Happy in Commack

We had an estate sale last week. We had a wonderful experience after being anxious. The team were great. They organized everything. The advertising was very broad..We would highly recommend Sisters In Charge. Review by: Barbara Bodami.

August 2019

Happy In Middle Village

Dear Denise,From the moment my brother Ralph and I met with you at our parents' house, you set our minds at ease and gave us your assurance that you and your team would be able to tackle the very difficult job we had been dreading for so long. You didn't disappoint! Joe, Maritza, Tom and Lina are professionals in every sense of the word. They handled our parents' things with care and dignity, while at the same time, made us feel like we knew them all our lives. They worked so hard - from set up to the sale days - and never wavered in their obvious desire to do a great job for us! They are trustworthy, honest, and wonderful to work with. I have been recommending them already to friends and family. You have a great crew Denise - and a terrific business! The task of clearing out a house full of family memories is not easy - but you and your team made it so much easier and far less stressful. There are no words to thank you for a difficult job done so very well! Kathy Zeltmann.

June 2019

Happy in Lloyd Harbor

July 22, 2019 To Whom It May Concern: It is with great pleasure that I am writing to recommend the services of Sisters In Charge. In June of 2019 we hired Sister In Charge to run our tag sale. This was a very emotional time for us. Not only was this our first experience with a professional tag sale company but we were also letting go of our beloved home and belongings. Denise put our worries at ease. Denise and her staff were professional, reliable, organized, honest and understanding. The set up was incredible. All went smoothly and we were very pleased. I highly recommend Sister In Charge for all their services and will absolutely hire them for services we need in the future. Sincerely, Jackie Paverman.

June 2019

Thankful in Huntington

Thankful in HuntingtonWe cannot be more thrilled with Sisters in Charge!! From the first consultation to the last sale, their staff was incredibly kind, professional and knowledgeable. The set up was amazing—very organized & clean, almost like a department store! The sale was a huge success—thanks to the staff’s efficiency and charming nature. All in all, we couldn’t be more grateful to have worked with them and we’re telling everyone we know about this amazing company!Thanks again—Toni Cefalu of Signature Premier Properties.

July 2019

Happy In Smithtown

Sisters In Charge did a fantastic 'Grandma Saved Everything' sale for us in Smithtown. Denise and all her associates were a pleasure to work with, courteous and honest. If you need an estate sale or a 'Grandma Saved Everything' sale do not hesitate to contact Sisters In Charge!Linda Goetzfried.

June 2019

Happy In Plainview

Denise - Just a note to say that you were a real lifesaver for me as I attempted to clear out my mom's house from out of state. I met you only once, and you patiently explained to me what an estate sale entailed, estimated how much the contents might bring, and how your company worked. You or your wonderful staff were always available online or by phone to answer any questions. Even though the sale was small, you told me that helping me out was more important to you than how much money you made, which certainly meant a lot to me. Your partner company, Relocators, also did an excellent job clearing out the remaining contents. The house closed today! and my family can now move on to the next chapter. It was a lucky day for me when I found your ad! Thanks again.

June 5, 2019

Happy In Plainview

Denise of Sisters In Charge runs an excellent tag sale from the initial setup time, which, can be quite extensive, to the completion of the sale. Everything is run professionally with a warm, caring, and efficient staff. Don’t hesitate to use Sisters In Charge;you’ll be a most satisfied customer! -Jill & Steve

April 27, 2019

Happy In Hauppauge

AWESOME SALE TODAY BY SISTERS IN CHARGE! What a great bunch of people! Organized, proficient, and so on top of every little thing. Took charge of what started out as a daunting undertaking in organizing and selling a warehouse full of things and made it look so easy! Highly recommend Sisters In Charge for all of your tag sale ventures!

April 28, 2019

2018 Award

Thank You All! No. 1 in New York ~~ Top 50 In The United States

April 27, 2019

So happy in Dix Hills

We recently had a tag sale atour home in Dix Hills by SISTERS IN CHARGE. Denise, the owner along with Leeza, Bobby, Joe and Maritza her dedicatedstaff, ran the two day sale. They tookcharge from the minute they stepped foot inside my home until the sale wasover. My husband and I did not have todo a thing. They were professional,honest, neat and personable. They triedto get us the most money possible and clear out the house. I would highlyrecommend this company if you are planning to do a tag sale. -Susan NathanDix Hills

April 7, 2019

Kind words from Lynbrook!

Sisters In Charge is a company that possesses both know-how and heart. Denise, her wonderful five-person team that staged my mother's home for an estate sale, and her office staff were professional, patient, friendly and above all sensitive to the emotional toll exacted in selling one's parents' cherished possessions. Denise sets the tone: Treat your customers the way you would want to be treated. Sisters In Charge not only honored its contract, but in my case, it also honored the memory of my parents. -Lorraine Liberti

March, 2019

Happy again in Sayville!!

I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I was with your handling of my estate sale. Everything you told my family prior to the sale that you would do was done with a great degree of professionalism. It was a well organized promotion and you should be very proud of your staff. Thank you and I would recommend Sisters in charge to anyone. -Lou Lotito

February 8th, 2019

So happy in Hauppauge!

I can't say enough good things about Sisters In Charge and I couldn't recommend more highly. They helped my sister and I with our Mother's home. The whole team is extremely professional. Denise was very compassionate and supportive during a very emotional time for us. They all went above and beyond to help us plan the estate sale and clean out her home. We are truly grateful to have worked with them. -Anne SmithHauppauge

Januaray 12th , 2019

So happy in Westbury

Dear Denise,I’ve been meaning to write to let you know how amazing your team was for my estate sale. I know that you couldn’t be there the day of my sale, but you definitely gave me your very best team, so thank-you, thank-you! Right from the start all of your team members introduced themselves and were very professional, kind and sensitive about the items I was selling. They worked endlessly all day both during the day of the set up and the day of the sale, tagging, merchandising items into each of their own categories and sub categories The day of the sale, my home was set up like a mini department store. I have been in the fashion business for over 18 years and know good merchandising when I see it. I know how hard it is to put many miscellaneous items together to tell a story and It looked beautiful. I honestly thought I could have done it on my own, but I would never have been able to do close to what your team did. I know that my items sold better than I expected because of the creative and clean merchandising. Everyone worked together as a team and were all very honest… Lina even gave me some loose change she found in some of my handbags JI felt comfortable during the set up leaving your team in my home while I ran out to run some errands. Bobby, Lina, Joe, Maritza, Cathy, Tommy & Reesha were all so great! They were hardworking (didn’t even take a lunch break), very neat and kept things clean. I do want to call out Bobby in particular. I cannot say enough good things about him!!! From the minute I met him, I felt very comfortable, almost like I’ve known him forever. He was really personable, extremely hardworking and so dedicated to his work. He kept in contact with me on the day of the sale and updated me on some of my larger, more expensive items which made me feel even more at ease.I think he single handedly sold my entire kitchen (cabinets and all)!! When I said that I wouldn’t be able to take the kitchen cabinets apart, he promised that he would come back and meet the buyer to make sure all was okay and that I was comfortable. He was a man of his word. Over one month after the sale, as promised… Bobby came to my house, met the buyer of the kitchen and helped remove everything carefully while keeping my house clean. I am still living here for another 5 days before the renovation begins, so I really appreciated it J! Bobby even came back the day after the sale to hand deliver the key to my garage that I had given him and a rolling rack that was taken by accident. He is such an asset to your team! I would definitely recommend Sisters in Charge to anyone interested in doing an estate sale! You guys were great! Thank-you and your team for a very successful sale! -Warmest Regards, Danielle Roes Westbury October 2018

October 27th, 2019

So Happy in Copiague Harbor

Dear Denise and the Sisters-in-Charge Family: I just want to thank you for all your endeavors with the tag sale at my home. There was so much to do before, during and after the sale, and you and your employees worked hard for many, many hours just with the set-up. You were professional and understanding about my situation and I truly appreciate the way in which you handled my sale. I would absolutely recommend you and your business to anyone who would require your services. You are worth every penny! -Thank you again,Yvette Ross

November 8th, 2018

Happy in Roslyn Heights

Sisters in charge were extremely professional & knowledgeable. There staff were very helpful. They setup my home to make this tag sale the best possible. I am very appreciative of Denise and her staffs’ time and effort to make this experience successful. Denise has my highest recommendation. Sisters in Charge treated me like family. From the time Denise came to look at my house, I felt I was in good hands. Her staff during set up and sale day was very professional and courteous. They knew what they were doing and priced my furniture and household good intelligently and fairly. I would recommend them for any estate or tag sale. -Sincerely,Marvin and Sherry Sayah

November 11th, 2018

So happy in Huntington!

Thank you so much for an exceptional Estate Sale in Huntington which exceeded our most ambitious expectations. From the initial walk through and appraisal to the pre-sale set up and ultimately the sale itself, we could not have been more pleased. The professionalism and efficiency of your staff as well as your own personal guidance made what could have been an exasperating event for us, an effortless and pleasant experience. And further thanks for the final clean out of our home which allowed the remaining packing for us so much easier. You were recommended to us by friends who attend many of your sales and would like to pass that forward any time you need a reference. -Stephen Molins and Chris Jankows

October, 2018

Happy in Plainview!

Marilyn and I want to thank you and your terrific staff, Cathy, Reisha and Bobby for the outstanding job you all did in making our Plainview tag sale a success. Everything ran very smoothly and professionally during the entire process. We are very pleased with the outcome and highly recommend Sisters In Charge to anyone needing estate or tag sale services. -Warren & Marilyn CohenPlainview, NY

October 14th, 2018

So happy in Garden City!

Just had Sisters in Charge hold a sale for my mom. We were so pleased with their professionalism and knowledge. Things were seamless with no worry from start to finish. Special attention was given in so many ways like looking for long lost items or noticing some personal papers that would have special meaning for us. We would definitely use their services again. Five stars and then some ******. Thank you Denise and staff. A great experience. -Diane Cordes

September 30th, 2018

Happy in Roslyn Heights

Today was a great day! You handled the whole estate sale beautifully? You sold a lot, the people you brought with you were terrific & I can’t say enough about the successful experience. I am happy to recommend you to anyone who wants to clear out their house and make money at the same time. -Roberta Pokorny

September 16th, 2018


Response to Sal Petrozino's Post of 5 hour ago: With all due respect to the poster, I was the homeowner who hired Sisters in Charge to run my estate sale. Denise and team members Cathy, Tommy, Lena, Bobby, and 2 others (whose name escapes me), did a SUPERLATIVE job. They were extremely organized, extremely empathetic to my situation, very professional, and just first class people, who really cared about doing theirjobs. They went over and above prior to opening the estate sale to the general public, by asking me on many occasions, if various paperwork or items were something that I wanted to expose to the general public. The sale started right on time at 10:00 AM. When I arrived at 7:45 AM, there were already 4 or 5 people waiting on line to get in. In regard to the poster's comment about Sisters in Charge letting "priority" people gain access to the sale, that is simply false. On one occasion prior to the opening, I (wearing the orange Nike shirt), led 2 people in the house ahead of all others, since we were dealing with a special, 1-off transactions regarding the automobile sale. The 2 gentleman involved had provided a prior down-payment on the car, and we were handling this special transaction ahead of the estate sale to finalize the deal. This had NOTHING to do with letting priority people in early, so the poster was obviously miss-informed. As far as the cleanliness of the house is concerned, that is on me, and not Sisters in Charge. The cleanliness leading up to the sale was my responsibility, and not theirs. Cleanliness is relative. In any event, it's hard to please everyone, but since I was the paying customer (and this was my first experience with Sisters in Charge), all I can say is that I HIGHLY recommend their services. Although I was not present for the entire sale, I would have to say that most, if not all, patrons were very satisfied with how things ran. -Douglas Hayman

August 25th, 2018

Happy In Greenlawn

First and foremost, Filomena and I want to express our sincere gratitude to you and the entire Sisters in Charge Family!Denise, your expertise and knowledge about the moving process is amazing. Your professionalism and words of encouragement absolutely got us through the most difficult move. Having to clear out an entire home can be an overwhelming experience, however, you made the entire process manageable and in retrospect, a rewarding experience.Your dedicated crew also needs to be commended and recognized. Each one of your employees handled our home and move with the utmost of respect and care. We are sincerely grateful to them all.Our thoughts about your company is that anyone facing a move and in need of a gal who will get the job done would be remiss not to use your services.We had your company move us to our new location, conduct our tag sale and clear out the house in preparation for our home's new owners. A one-stop service organization that is both professional and empathetic to the needs of your clients.Thank you for your time, expertise and for making this experience one we will fondly remember. -Toni

August 18th, 2018

Happy In Plainview

Elliott and I want to thank you and your staff for a very professional job doing our clean out sale. You were all so friendly and did an outstanding job. Thanks also to the ladies in the office. I have already recommended some friends to you and will continue to do so. -Diana

July 27th, 2018


We can’t thank you enough for running our tag sale. I never realized how professional your company is. I was warned by numerous people I know about tag sale people ripping off their clients by selling valued items to “friends” posing as customers for ridiculously low prices. When we met you, my wife and I got a good vibe from the professional way you spoke to us and explained your service. You didn’t disappoint us. Your staff during the set up were wonderful and made us feel comfortable. When it was all over, I was happy with the money you raised. That’s the bottom line. Because you have a tremendous following who came to our sale all day long, it was a success. I recommend your company very highly. -Bill & Sandy Kreisberg

June 24th, 2018


Arthur and I would like to thank you for providing such a wonderful experience with our tag sale on June 3. You and your staff were terrific through every step of the process. We had a lot of challenges to overcome, and everything was handled with professionalism and grace. The staff that officiated on sale day was outstanding, and Reisha, Cathy, Tom and Bobby deserve a giant shout out. They kept things running smoothly, efficiently and always with a smile and kind words. Your followup and suggestions were very helpful and comforting, and we greatly appreciate all you have done for us. -Judith Ebbin

June 3rd, 2018


I want to Thank You for all of your help in planning, setting up and conducting the recent Tag Sale you held for me in Holbrook. The Sale was challenging as the home had limited space and there was a great deal to be displayed and sold. You and your staff were informative, helpful and made a difficult and potentially emotional process much easier. -Tom McOlvin

April 27th, 2018

Happy In Northport

Sisters in Charge exemplified a first class estate sale company from start to finish. There were many options to choose from in the area, but the professionalism truly showed beginning with our first point of contact with this organization. This consisted of a preliminary phone call to gauge whether or not Sisters in Charge would be the right fit for the job. After about thirty minutes on the phone with Denise, there was no doubt this company was the right choice to conduct our estate sale. Not only was Denise thorough in her answers to all my exploratory questions, she walked me through a tailored process of the services her company provides with vivid detail.To describe the actual process of an estate sale provided by this business in one word would be,‘complete’. If an estate sale was so seamless for a homeowner to conduct, then there would be no need for an estate sale service. To understand what is meant by this, one would need to realize all the aspects of service Sisters in Charge provided. The actual estate sale for us was a two day event over a weekend, but the days of preparation cannot and should not be unrecognized. This company took care of the planning, marketing, pricing, scheduling, and overall organizational framework of this two day event weeks before the sale commenced. As the homeowner, we were delighted at how hands-on the crew was to make this process as smooth and blasé as it turned out to be. I point this out as I am not quite confident to believe this same standard of service is carried out by others in the industry.Overall, I recommend Sisters in Charge to anyone in the area interested in holding an estate sale of any size for any reason. You will not be disappointed in any aspect of how they hold your sale as we were thrilled with the results. Lastly and most importantly, they will value your items as if they’re their own. This was most important for us and I am sure this goes for all homeowners. -Nicolas & Brandon Savastano

September 16th, 2018


Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job with the tag sale when my parents moved out of their home of 50 years and into assisted living. It was a very emotional and demanding time for my family, and you helped make the transition much easier. You did a great job setting up, researching values, and advertising the sale. Not only did you raise more money than we expected, but you helped my parents’ possessions, including artwork, LPs, books, and antique furniture, go to homes where they will be appreciated. The entire process was smooth sailing, and we are very grateful for all your hard work. -Marisa Cohen

May 5th, 2018

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